Building Joy

July 8, 2015

Untitled (your body is a battleground), Barbara Kruger, 1989

My many hours in the gym getting my body prepared for the Games—practicing techniques, building endurance, stretching and mobilizing my joints—are only one half of my work. As much as training is about pushing your body to the limits of its fitness, it’s also about mental strength and positivity: breaking the patterns of any negative thoughts that might hamper you and creating positive expectations for your performance. I used guided meditations from Invictus during the CrossFit Open and the Masters’ Qualifier, and I’ve continued the practice now.

My current focus is on the sheer volume of effort I’ve been putting in during these days of preparation for the Games. I am pushing myself up to and beyond the edge of exhaustion. I need to be able to approach my days with a smile on my face, with a sense that each repetition brings me more power, more energy, more fulfillment.



Repeat after me, Barbara Kruger, 1985-94

To that end, I asked Heidi Fearon, one of the Invictus coaches, to create and record a meditation for me based on the “power of yes.” In it, she guides me toward what she calls “building your joy”—finding vitality and exuberance in my work. Every day, upon waking, I listen to her words.

“Breathe into your determination and enthusiasm. You’ve got this. You’re present and focused. Yes….You are open to the possibility of what is in this very moment, and that is….Yes…You are able to focus intently on the present moment, the moment of…Yes.”

Untitled (no), Barbara Kruger, 1985

Untitled (no), Barbara Kruger, 1985



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