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April 10, 2015

Week's Work

I’ve had an especially heavy workload this week as I prepare for the Master’s Qualifier events, which will be announced on April 23. The work has taken a toll: I have a crook in my neck, knot in my upper back, a bruise on my collar bone, blisters on my palms, a cramp in my left forearm, abs so sore that it is a struggle to get out of a chair, and quads and glutes too tender to sit on anyway. But I will be back at it again tomorrow, so there’s no point wallowing.

Easter Egg, Venetian Red, 2009. Amy Bessone

Easter Egg, Venetian Red, 2009. Amy Bessone

Besides, the first and most important thing I can do to recover is to remain optimistic that I will feel better, even in a few hours, than I do right now. The active ritual of taking care of myself helps me foster a positive mindset and passes the recovery time in a productive way, which is healing in itself. I don’t claim to understand any solid science behind any of the things I do, and some of my recovery rituals may have as much medicinal merit as snake oil. But here are a few of the things I did today to prepare for tomorrow (in no particular order):

  • Sleep (eight hours), hydrate (three quarts of water with 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice, turmeric juice, and ginger juice added to each one), and sun (about 20 minutes of exposure, wearing a hat but without sunblock).
  • Roll out my back, shoulders and IT band with a HyperIce Vyper Foam Roller Massager, massage my calves with a Body Buffer, and stimulate my quads with my Marc Pro.
  • Soak, slather, spray, and cover.

I also took my dogs on a nice long walk and spent time visiting with the neighbors whom I often rush past on my way to the gym. As I write this, I am enjoying an afternoon cup of Matcha Tea — making it is a ritual in itself — with foamed apricot kernel milk and Manuka honey, which are also said to have healing properties. Who knows? It sure tastes soothing.

What are some of your recovery rituals?

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