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February 17, 2015
photo by Charlie Mason

photo by Charlie Mason

Training weaknesses, as competitive athletes do, requires data collection and analysis. It’s not enough to have vague goals like, “I want to run faster.” You need to know how fast you run today and set reasonable expectations for improvement in performance: “I want to run my mile thirty seconds faster.”




I collect my data every day and these are the devices I use:

  • Withings Scale—tracks my weight and BMI daily and wirelessly uploads the data to an app.
  • Suunto Ambit—a watch made for mountaineering, but can be tweaked to record data for a wide range of activities. Sometimes I wear it with a coordinating heart rate monitor.
  • MyFitnessPal—a useful and highly customizable food diary.

I record all of my data here:

  • Evernote—a virtual notebook, useful for organizing all kinds of pertinent data, but especially valuable to me as a training diary.

BodySpec DEXA Body Composition Sample Image


These are the professional services where I am reassessed every few months:




I train at Paradiso CrossFit Venice, Venice, California.

I follow the Invictus Masters Competitors training plan.

And I work privately with these coaches on an as-needed basis:









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